Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Treasury!!

Thought I would share this beautiful treasury that I am honored to be a part of.  It was created by tracebot.  I had to share!
My retro cards are in the top right-hand corner.  I love purse in the bottom left, but you can't really go wrong w/ any of those picks!  Thanks  tracebot !

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's been a while . . .

I'm baaaack!  I'd almost given up on my blogging venture, but have decided, with summer almost here, to put forth the effort to add a post every now and then.  See, with January came the busiest time of the year for me . . . TESTING SEASON.  Here in Texas, public education is driven relentlessly by the annual standardized testing monster -- the TAKS test.  At my school, I am the testing coordinator, meaning I make sure every one of the 1000 students at my school has the proper test, the proper accommodations, and a place to take the test.  Not just for the TAKS test, but for every practice run/test we have to prepare for it.  It's the public school equivalent of being a wedding coordinator, but with about 4 weddings in one week.  It's exhausting. 

And once the tests are finished, the results come back, and then those have to be filed (again . . . 1000 students) and delivered to students.  Tomorrow is the official last day of school for the kids, and I just finished filing all the results today . . . Just in time to receive another batch of scores.  Work is never dull, that's for sure!

HOWEVER, summer IS almost here, and I can clear my head of all the data mush that's clogging it up and focus on more important matters:  my craft, my Etsy shop ( ), my blog, and most importantly, my FAMILY!!

I don't have a lot of fancy pictures today, but stay posted!  I've done a project for a friend's daughter that is absolutely adorable, I learned how to take better pictures (soooo much better!), and have a few things I'll be sharing (think craft-area remodel - actually, it's not a remodel if it never existed, huh?)  Anywho, stay posted for pictures of the progress :-).

For now, all I have is a new widget of my shop items - Check it out!! I feel so tech-savvy!!===>

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Treasuries to Share

I was on Etsy quite a bit today (it's a time warp!  I get sucked in and next thing I know it's 3 hours later!), and found a couple of treasuries I'd like to share.  The first one is by fellow Team A.C.M.E. member Martora and is absolutely gorgeous.  It's called "Vintage Wedding" and each piece is just beautiful.  Take a look:

Martora, you have an eye for treasury pieces!

The next Treasury is one that features a set of my matchbook notepads.  It is unique and vibrant, and brilliantly shows the talent that both Etsy and Team A.C.M.E. have to offer.  It was created by another fellow teammate, Salvaged Space

Megan, thanks so much for the spot in your treasury!

I think this brings my blog posts to a grand total of 4 -- I'm on a roll!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthdays, Barters, and Christmas

I am amazed that I am composing my third post to this blog -- perhaps this one will make it! 

I had my first "barter" a couple of weeks ago.  Several weeks ago, I asked a good friend, Rob Temple (one of the art teachers at my school) to make caricatures of my 3 children to give to my mother for her birthday.  He said, "No prob," (which he meant literally), took my favorite picture of the three of them, and in about 24 hours produced the following pictures (DISCLAIMER: I am not, nor have I ever been, a great photographer.  Photoshop is my friend. Please don't judge . . .lol):

I was absolutely thrilled with his work.  Perhaps he should have his own Etsy shop . . . but I digress . . .
When I asked Rob what I owed him, he said, "How 'bout one of those journal things you make on your little shop?" Thus, my first barter!  His daughter is seven (my middle is six), and very "green" he said -- into nature, recycling, owls, etc.  Instantly I knew the paper I wanted to use for this journal, but waited for Emmy (the 6 y.o.) to give her approval, as she is the quality-control diva of my operation.  Once I had the go-ahead, this is what we created:
Rob seemed pleased with it, but Macie (sp?) will have the final say-so.  I hope she enjoys using it as much as my mom will enjoy the pictures her father created.  Temple -- I can't thank you enough for creating a one-of-a-kind gift that will last for years.  Much appreciated!

On to a Christmas gift I created . . . We have lived in our home for 8 years now, and have had the same next-door neighbors since we moved in.  They are our age, with 4 children, the 3 youngest of which are almost exactly the same ages as our 3 children.  The oldest, however, is 15 and a freshman in high school. We have always exchanged Christmas gifts, and this year I purchased some crayon rolls from handmadebybritt on Etsy for the younger two, and wanted to give the oldest something unique as well.  Every kid in school needs something to take notes in/on, so there was nothing more logical than for me to make her a journal.  I used her school colors, put her name on the back, and was so pleased by the clean simplicity of it, I figured I'd feature it here.  I don't know if you can tell, but the "white" is actually glitter paper (which, of course, I sealed -- that glitter gets everywhere!).  Anywho, below are the pictures:

I doubt I'll create another post before Christmas, so I will say now that I wish everyone the best, Merry Christmas, and a safe and prosperous New Year.  Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh to Write My New Year's Resolutions!

I discovered that I was featured in a treasury this morning and wanted to share.  It is a beautiful collection by Donna Gunn of donnagunnmetalsmith on Etsy of journals and writing tools -- the perfect gift this time of year to help you keep track of your resolutions!  If you get a chance, visit Donna's shop.  She has some beautiful and unique items. Thanks Donna!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be Patient -- I'm new!

This is not the first blog I've started, but it is the first blog I'm hoping continues to grow.  My name is Shannon and I am a closet crafter.  My day job is as a testing coordinator at a A.C. New Middle School in Mesquite, TX.  "What is a testing coordinator?" one may ask.  In a nutshell, I am the education counterpart of a wedding coordinator.  I make sure every student has the correct test, the correct accommodations, an answer document, and a place to take every state- and district-mandated standardized test.  Oh yeah, and then I have to gather all of the data when every test is finished and put it in a readable format for my principal.  All this for approximately 1000 students.  Glorified paper-pusher and data analyzer.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  In addition to this, I am also a coach.  In addition to that, I am a wife and mother of 3.  I'm a bit busy :-).

Back to the term "closet crafter".  I have NEVER in my life considered myself artsy or crafty or creative. I have, though, always admired those who are these things.   Concrete-sequential, everything has a definite answer, black-and-white, clearly defined parameters -- that's me.  For whatever reason, though, I decided to decorate a journal/scrapbook back in the spring and things have never been the same since.  I spent my summer opening tyvm, my shop on Etsy, and improving and perfecting my craft.  I realized I DO have something of a crafty side (tempered by my "perfectionist" alter-ego), and that that crafty side allowed me to relieve stress . . . and has started to turn into a little bit of extra money.  Who knows where it will take me, but I'm glad go!

I plan to use this blog to share some of the things I do in my shop and on  Etsy, but also to showcase some of the items I create for friends and family that never make it to my shop.  As far as pictures go, keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed -- I am learning how to take them, how to edit them, and finding the time to do all of this is a challenge all its own.  I'm also learning the ins and outs of web tools such as widgets (what??) and all of that good stuff.  Here is my first attempt at inserting a widget.  It's of the latest treasury I created on Etsy called Picture This! - wish me luck: 

Enjoy my fumbles and follies, and I hope you follow along and enjoy the ride!